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Commonwealth Fusion Systems 

Commonwealth Fusion Systems (CFS) was spun out of MIT's Plasma Science and Fusion Center to leverage the decades of fusion research combined with the innovation and speed of the private sector. Supported by the world’s leading investors in breakthrough energy technologies, the CFS team is uniquely positioned to deliver the fastest path to commercial fusion energy.


Marathon Fusion

Marathon Fusion is developing technology to improve the efficiency of the fuel cycle for fusion reactors. Their system reduces the need for bulky and expensive cooling systems while improving tritium extraction. 

The CareVoice


The CareVoice, a leading health insurtech company in Asia driven by the mission to help health insurance more human, helps insurance companies tackle four major pain points: low quality of customer engagement, lack of product differentiation, reliance on traditional sales channels, and limited ability to extend tech value-chain. 

Equator Therapeutics

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Recent scientific breakthroughs at Equator Therapeutics have enabled pharmacological stimulation of thermogenesis to achieve sustained weight loss. They are now developing a first-in-class drug to reverse metabolic disorders.


Highway Pharmaceuticals

Highway Pharmaceuticals is focused on reformulating and repositioning effective but dangerous generics to make safer, extended-release versions of those drugs. The company's therapeutic is an extended-release formulation of cyclosporine that's also safer and easier to use than the existing formulation, combining the clinically proven immunosuppressant with a metabolic inhibitor.


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Uniken's mission is to make connecting safe. Instead of trying to make a better authenticator or just adding another layer of application security, we redesigned the security architecture with the 21st century threat landscape in mind. The result is a game changing security platform that elegantly combines strong, mutual continuous authentication with channel security and secure data-at-rest. 

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MarketMuse is a professional marketing tool for increasing traffic online. Its technology grades the content and allows easy benchmarking against similar, high-performing posts. Its solutions will help identify new content opportunities, attract the right audience, and improve the overall search ranking results over time.

ValueStream Ventures

ValueStream Ventures is a thesis-driven venture firm. Our current thesis is that valuable data and supporting infrastructure can create defensible businesses with more capital efficient scaling. We look for teams that understand how to generate and leverage proprietary data into scalable B2B platforms. We typically invest at the “early growth” stage of a company - after early product/market fit has been established, but before a company is ready for significant growth capital.

Sovereign Intelligence

To provide commercial and government entities smarter understanding of threats from external and internal sources through the application of deep-learning artificial intelligence and high-fidelity data from otherwise inaccessible domains so that risks to cyber, financial, brand, and enterprise integrity are quickly identified and mitigated.

ChartIQ (Cosaic)

The world of capital markets technology has been plagued by expensive, legacy technology. These systems use the massive amounts of information available to traders to flood them with data instead of empowering them with insight. ChartIQ is building the Visual Trade Lifecycle, which brings financial big data to life, from idea identification to opportunity analysis and through to trade execution. ChartIQ is now part of S&P Gobal, while Finsemble is now part of 

Concord Systems

Concord is a real-time distributed stream processing framework. Concord empowers users to process and react to their data in real-time, whether they're doing fraud detection, ad bidding and serving, content recommendation or algorithmic trading. Concord Systems is now part of Akamai.

500 Startups Vietnam

500 Startups is a global venture capital seed fund with a network of startup programs headquartered in Silicon Valley with over $300M in committed capital across 4 main funds and 13 micro funds. We have invested in 1,600 technology startups all over the world since our inception in 2010.


Whether you need that groundbreaking paper submitted quickly to avoid being scooped, have a grant deadline, are carrying out a large phenotypic screening experiment, or want to work remotely to analyze, manage and collaborate, HistoWiz is your one-stop solution for histopathology services.

Trigger Finance

Trigger Finance is a mobile investing platform that helps retail investors manage their portfolios through natural language rules and alternative order types. Trigger is now part of Circle. 

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